GetGlue Geeks Out

As an avid tumblr user, I often log on at the same moment my favorite television show starts, so as to join in on the added commentary of my fellow tumblrers watching the same show. It has become an intricate part of my TV-watching experience (seeing as how I don’t really watch that much TV anyway), it truly makes a difference in understanding a television show to get different points of view from all over the world. Recently I found out about GetClue which is essentially what we have been doing on tumblr for sometime, just now this is a place for real-time TV watching specifically. I signed up, but have yet to get into GetClue.

Television shows are becoming increasingly aware of their viewers connecting on social media sites while tuning in.

“AMC’s gore-fest Walking Dead recently made records for the highest number of single-evening check-ins on GetGlue with its premiere episode when more than 42,000 fans connected during the show.” says PRDaily. It is shown that the bulk of the various check in’s are from lovers of sci-fi shows. This trend is sure to catch on!